Monday, February 8, 2010

india textiles part one

during our trip to india we got to see glimpses of the rich textile traditions of rajasthan, the region we travelled through. it was a marvel to me to see artisans working firsthand with such incredible skill. one of my favorite spots was our stop at dastkar in ranthambhore, an NGO dedicated to promoting local craftspeople. i watched this block printer for a while (swoon!) - she worked so quickly and precisely, registering the blocks by eye to create repeat fabrics. no pinning of the fabric, no measuring. her work table shows a lot of history, too.


cal said...

oh my, her table is DIVINE!!! i love the accumulation of prints... did you bring back some woodblocks to play with?

jen said...

i already have some blocks which were given to me some years ago - i'm pretty sure they print with dyes, and i'm itching to try printing them that way!